Living room

Tree of life (left) and Bargello (right) designs

Crooked houses design

‘Mariner’s Compass’ design

These cushions measure 14 inches (37 cm). £20 each or £35 for the pair
Measurement: 14 inches (37 cm). Sold.

‘Crazy block’ design

These two cushions consist of fabric ranging from yellow to red. They measure 16 inches (41 cm). £20.00 each or £35.00 for the pair.
Measurement: 16 inches (41 cm). Sold.

Bespoke cushions

A tree of life cushion sitting pretty in a lovely home in Poland.


The fabrics used for two of the cushions shown below (on the right in the first picture and on the left in the second one) match the red and green shown in the middle square which is the same as fabric of the curtains in the room.

Bespoke cushion with a mountain design

Bespoke table runner with ‘Delectable Mountain’ design

This runner is 84 x 13 inches (213 x 33 cm) and consists of 5 delectable mountains blocks. The item was designed using red and green fabrics to match the red carpet and curtains in the living room. Sold.
Measurement: 84 x 13 inches (213 x 33 cm).

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