Mariner’s compass design

 Measurement: 55 x 70 inches (140 x 180 cm). Bespoke order for a single bed.

Tippecanoe and Tyler too design

 The quilt measures 88 x 96 inches (223.5 x 244 cm) and has cotton batting. Sold.

Spinning geese design

 This quilt measures 59 x 75 inches (150 x 190 cm). Sold.

Friendship star design

  The quilt fits a single bed measuring 51x 77 inches (130 cm x 189 cm). Sold.

‘Four seasons’ design

This quilt is divided into 9 squares the middle square is composed of primarily red and orange fabric to represent the sun, while the squares representing spring and autumn and summer and winter are positioned opposite each other. Colours that illustrate each seasons include light green and delicate flowers for spring, berries and red leaves for autumn, sunflowers and warm browns for summer and cool greys, purples and blues for winter. The squares positioned at the corners of the quilt consist of colours that lead to each of the seasons.

 Measurement: 86 x 86 inches (220 x 220 cm). Sold.

Block and Stars design

 Measurement: 55 x 72 inches (137 x 180 cm). This quilt was donated to Quilts for Valour.

Nine-patch block design

 Measurement: 72 x 72 inches (180 x 180 cm). Sold.

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