Welcome to Sunpatch Quilts

The domain sunpatchquilts.com will end at the beginning of October, after that Sunpatch Quilts will publish on Facebook and Instagram

If you have any queries please email me at sunpatchquilts@icloud.com

The history of Sunpatch Quilts..

My name is Susie and quilting has been my passion for many years and what started as a hobby has now become a full time obsession and led to the creation of Sunpatch Quilts.

For me quilting is not just about working with traditional patterns, it’s about trying out new ideas which I come across on the Internet or design myself to complete a bespoke order. The best part of quilting is the planning stage where I lose myself into colours and patterns and, as many clients testify, I seem to have the knack of combining colours to suit specific tastes.

In most cases my stock consists of items I create to satisfy personal needs such as wall-hanging Bargellos (I have four so far in my house), patchwork kimono jackets ( a quilted one for winter and a patchwork one for summer) , pocket bags to use for shopping or oven gloves for the kitchen, so when people ask me “where did you get that?” I am confident there is sufficient demand to sell these at craft fairs all over London or online.

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